A core charitable aim of the Society is to advance education in gardening and horticulture for the public benefit.

We seek to achieve this in a number of different ways, through lectures, workshops, sharing learning, providing advice, information and practical demonstrations.

Specific examples include:

Demonstration Allotment – Growing fruit and vegetables is not only good for your health and cost effective, but is immensely rewarding . Follow the link to learn more about what is happening on the Caley allotment in Edinburgh.

Grow and Learn Awards – Grow and Learn is a horticultural award that recognises individual progress and achievement through experiential learning and personal development. The award offers the learner a structured framework to work within, but is also flexible enough to ensure a person centred approach at all times, making the award ideally suited for those with a learning disability or complex learning need.

Gardening with children – Introducing children and young people to gardening is extremely important for future generations, plus the environment and gardening is something the whole family can enjoy.  Follow the link to find out more.

Workshops – We never stop learning!  Weather conditions change, new plants are developed and sometimes we find a whole world of expertise we were unaware of.  Follow the link to find out more about current workshops.

Caledonian Master Gardener Programme –  an innovative training and accreditation programme for Scottish gardeners with an interest and commitment to the promotion of gardening skills and horticultural knowledge through volunteering.