Primula pulverulenta 20052659B (2)

Recommended for Scottish Gardens


Most  primulas are tough, easy to grow perennials.

So called candelabra primulas are named as such because they flower in whorls (circles) of flowers on a strong stem:

  • Primula pulverulenta is a vigorous example with a preference for moist, even boggy soil. (Grows to approximately 60cm (24″).
  • Similarly Primula japonica there are numerous named hybrids of varying colours, for example Primula japonica Appleblossom, Primula japonica Miller’s Crimson,  Primula japonica Postford White – all have a preference for a moist shady places but are easy to grow.

Other examples of Primulas include:

  • Primula beesiana (candelabra type)
  • Primula bulleyana (candelabra type)
  • Primula denticulata (drumstick type)
  • Primula vialii (distinctive flower heads – do not like hot dry gardens!)


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