Part of the display from Holmes Farm Plants 2016

Gardening Scotland

Gardening Scotland will be  held on 2nd-4th June at the Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston, near Edinburgh Airport.

The Caley played an integral part in the establishment of Gardening Scotland and has continued to have a very close involvement. The Society is currently the only named organisation on the Board of Gardening Scotland.

The Caley’s rationale for involvement is linked to its commitment to gardening  in Scotland by helping, encouraging and enthusing everyone interested or involved, from novice to expert.

A significant number of Caley members provide  support over the build-up, the break-down, and the show itself and in this way help to make Gardening Scotland a major celebration of gardening in Scotland.  In 2015 and 2016 The Caley also took on the sponsorship of the Floral Hall, and provided a stunning display,  as well as friendly expertise and informal advice, a separate focus for our flagship programme ‘Grow & Learn’ supported by participants across Scotland and an oversucribeed activity programme for children.



Botanical Images Scotia – BISCOT – a subcomittee of the Caley provides an opportunity for botanical artists and illustrators to exhibit at Gardening Scotland. See separate page for more information.